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Premiery płyt - zapowiedzi, nowości

maj 2017:

12.05:  Akroma "Apocalypse (Requiem)"
12.05:  Antropofagus "Methods Of Resurrection Through Evisceration (M.O.R.T.E.)"
12.05:  Black Harvest "Attrition"
12.05:  Kobra and the Lotus "Prevail I"
12.05:  Sacred Oath "Twelve Bells"
12.05:  Samsara Blues Experiment "One With The Universe"
12.05:  Vanden Plas "The Seraphic Live Works"
12.05:  Vanden Plas "The Seraphic Live Works"
12.05:  Warrant "Louder Harder Faster"

13.05:  Helker "Alma De Fuego"
13.05:  Voyager "Ghost Mile"

15.05:  Holy Blood "Glory To The Heroes"
15.05:  Kaledon "Carnagus: Emperor Of The Darkness"

16.05:  Nargaroth "Era Of Threnody"

19.05:  Amiensus "All Paths Lead To Death"
19.05:  Au-Dessus "End Of Chapter"
19.05:  Below "Upon A Pale Horse"
19.05:  Custard "A Realm Of Tales"
19.05:  Dragonforce "Reaching Into Infinity"
19.05:  Mastercastle "Wine Of Heaven"
19.05:  Midnight Odyssey "Silhouettes Of Stars"
19.05:  The Monolith Deathcult "Versus 1"
19.05:  The Night Flight Orchestra "Amber Galactic"
19.05:  Oceano "Revelation"
19.05:  Old Season "Beyond The Black"
19.05:  Scale the Summit "In A World Of Fear"
19.05:  Soul Demise "Thin Red Line"

25.05:  Norse "The Divine Light Of A New Sun"
25.05:  Soulspell "The Second Big Bang"

26.05:  Alestorm "No Grave But The Sea"
26.05:  Avatarium "Hurricanes And Halos"
26.05:  Below The Sun "Alien World"
26.05:  Danzig "Black Laden Crown"
26.05:  Figure Of Six "Welcome To The Freak Show"
26.05:  Norska "Too Many Winters"
26.05:  Ravage "Return Of The Spectral Rider"
26.05:  Wind Rose "Stonehymn"

28.05:  Ultra Vomit "Panzer Surprise"

czerwiec 2017:

2.06:  Adrenaline Mob "We The People"
2.06:  Byzantine "The Cicada Tree"
2.06:  Elder "Reflections Of A Floating World"
2.06:  Mutoid Man "War Moans"
2.06:  Secret Sphere "The Nature Of Time"
2.06:  Sikth "The Future In Whose Eyes?"
2.06:  Tankard "One Foot In The Grave"
2.06:  Tengger Cavalry "Die On My Ride"
2.06:  Triumvir Foul "Spiritual Bloodshed"
2.06:  Unleash The Archers "Apex"
2.06:  Vallenfyre "Fear Those Who Fear Him"
2.06:  Wednesday 13 "Condolences"

5.06:  Descend Into Despair "The Synaptic Veil"

9.06:  Anathema "The Optimist"
9.06:  Anti Christ "Sinful Birth"
9.06:  The Birthday Massacre "Under Your Spell"
9.06:  Blaze Of Sorrow "Astri"
9.06:  Dawn Of Ashes "Daemonolatry Gnosis"
9.06:  Foscor "Les Irreals Visions"
9.06:  Merrimack "Omegaphilia"
9.06:  Schammasch "The Maldoror Chants: Hermaphrodite"
9.06:  Svartsyn "In Death"
9.06:  Volumes "Different Animals"

15.06:  Anthriel "Transcendence"
15.06:  Dephosphorus "Impossible Orbits"

16.06:  Carach Angren "Dance And Laugh Amongst The Rotten"
16.06:  Entrails "World Inferno"
16.06:  Iced Earth "Incorruptible"
16.06:  Igorrr "Savage Sinusoid"
16.06:  Impetuous Ritual "Blight Upon Martyred Sentience"
16.06:  In Tormentata Quiete "Finestatico"
16.06:  Tombs "The Grand Annihilation"
16.06:  Wizard "Fallen Kings"

23.06:  Broken Hope "Mutilated And Assimilated"
23.06:  Desultory "Through Aching Aeons"
23.06:  Dying Fetus "Wrong One To Fuck With"
23.06:  Goatwhore "Vengeful Ascension"
23.06:  The Interbeing "Among The Amorphous"
23.06:  KMFDM "Yeah!"
23.06:  Municipal Waste "Slime And Punishment"

30.06:  The Acacia Strain "Gravebloom"
30.06:  Cellar Darling "This Is The Sound"
30.06:  Masterplan "PumpKings"
30.06:  Origin "Unparalleled Universe"
30.06:  Stone Sour "Hydrograd"

lipiec 2017:

7.07:  Decapitated "Anticult"
7.07:  Limbonic Art "Spectre Abysm"
7.07:  Mr. Big "Defying Gravity"

14.07:  Edguy "Monuments"

18.07:  Temple Of Void "Lords Of Death"

21.07:  Zgard "Within The Swirl Of Black Vigor"

28.07:  Rage "Seasons Of The Black"

sierpień 2017:

11.08:  Cormorant "Diaspora"

17.08:  Accept "The Rise Of Chaos"

18.08:  Steven Wilson "To The Bone"

25.08:  Dagoba "Black Nova"

wrzesień 2017:

1.09:  Appalachian Winter "The Lake And The Mountain"

15.09:  Belphegor "Totenritual"

21.09:  Appalachian Winter "From The Cosmos To The Mountains"

22.09:  Ufomammut "8"

październik 2017:

6.10:  L.A. Guns "The Missing Peace"

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