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Premiery płyt - zapowiedzi, nowości

marzec 2017:

3.03:  Blaze Bayley "Endure And Survive"
3.03:  Dread Sovereign "For Doom The Bell Tolls"
3.03:  Majesty "Rebels"
3.03:  Primal Age "A Silent Wound"
3.03:  Svart Crown "Abreaction"
3.03:  Within the Ruins "Halfway Human"
3.03:  Wolfheart "Tyhjyys"

9.03:  Netra "Ingrats"

10.03:  Altar Of Betelgeuze "Among The Ruins"
10.03:  Cellador "Off The Grid"
10.03:  Havok "Conformicide"
10.03:  Holy Martyr "Darkness Shall Prevail"
10.03:  Pillorian "Obsidian Arc"
10.03:  Wormwood "Ghostlands - Wounds From A Bleeding Earth"

15.03:  Demonic Resurrection "Dashavatar"

17.03:  Allochiria "Throes"
17.03:  Anomalie "Visions"
17.03:  Dodecahedron "Kwintessens"
17.03:  Fen "Winter"
17.03:  Fit For An Autopsy "The Great Collapse"
17.03:  Lantern "II: Morphosis"
17.03:  The Moon and the Nightspirit "Metanoia"
17.03:  Obituary "Obituary"
17.03:  Vangough "Warpaint"
17.03:  Venenum "Trance Of Death"
17.03:  Woe "Hope Attrition"

20.03:  Acrimonious "Eleven Dragons"

24.03:  Heart Attack "The Resilience"
24.03:  House Of Lords "Saint Of The Lost Souls"
24.03:  Memoriam "For The Fallen"
24.03:  Pallbearer "Heartless"
24.03:  Steel Panther "Lower The Bar"

31.03:  The Doomsday Kingdom "The Doomsday Kingdom"
31.03:  Falls Of Rauros "Vigilance Perennial"
31.03:  Mastodon "Emperor Of Sand"
31.03:  Milking The Goatmachine "Milking In Blasphemy"
31.03:  Nightrage "The Venomous"
31.03:  Warbringer "Woe To The Vanquished"

kwiecień 2017:

7.04:  Deep Purple "Infinite"

14.04:  Bloodfeast "The Future State Of Wicked"
14.04:  Dimmu Borgir "Forces Of The Northern Night"
14.04:  Necrowretch "Satanic Slavery"
14.04:  Nightbringer "Terra Damnata"
14.04:  Novembers Doom "Hamartia"

28.04:  Ayreon "The Source"
28.04:  Life Of Agony "A Place Where There's No More Pain"
28.04:  Liv Sin "Follow Me"

wrzesień 2017:

1.09:  Appalachian Winter "The Lake And The Mountain"

21.09:  Appalachian Winter "From The Cosmos To The Mountains"

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