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czerwiec 2021:

4.06:  Desaster "Churches Without Saints"
4.06:  Flotsam And Jetsam "Blood in the Water"
4.06:  Billy Gibbons "Hardware"
4.06:  Maiden United "Sailors of the Sky - Live in Europe"
4.06:  Plaguestorm "Purifying Fire"
4.06:  Red Fang "Arrows"
4.06:  Van Canto "To the Power of Eight"

11.06:  Danny Elfman "Big Mess"
11.06:  Garbage "No Gods No Masters"
11.06:  Go Ahead and Die "Go Ahead and Die"
11.06:  Hammer King "Hammer King"
11.06:  Mother of All "Age of the Solipsist"
11.06:  Mr. Bungle "The Night They Came Home"
11.06:  Sonsombre "Revival"
11.06:  Terra Odium "Ne Plus Ultra"

14.06:  Deadpoint "Device of Solemn Rot"

18.06:  Alustrium "A Monument to Silence"
18.06:  Bloodbeat "Process of Extinction"
18.06:  Chalice of Sin "Chalice of Sin"
18.06:  The Day of the Beast "Indisputably Carnivorous"
18.06:  Death Perception "Ashes"
18.06:  Fear Factory "Aggression Continuum"
18.06:  Fertile Hump "The Break Up Club"
18.06:  Helloween "Helloween"
18.06:  Morgarten "Cry of the Lost"
18.06:  Neonfly "The Future, Tonight"
18.06:  Reinforcer "Prince of the Tribes"
18.06:  Social Disorder "Love 2 Be Hated"

25.06:  Amenra "De doorn"
25.06:  Cerebral Rot "Excretion of Mortality"
25.06:  Darkthrone "Eternal Hails"
25.06:  Deathchant "Waste"
25.06:  Fargo "Strangers D'Amour"
25.06:  Fractal Universe "The Impassable Horizon"
25.06:  Hiraes "Solitary"
25.06:  Lacuna Coil "Live from the Apocalypse"
25.06:  Light the Torch "You Will Be the Death of Me"
25.06:  Stoner "Stoners Rule"
25.06:  Withered "Verloren"

26.06:  Rottenbroth "Necroceremony Vomitorum"

30.06:  The Black Thunder "Into the Darkness We All Fall"
30.06:  Ruach Raah "Misanthropic Wolfgang"

lipiec 2021:

1.07:  Vrykolakas "And Vrykolakas Brings Chaos and Destruction"

2.07:  At The Gates "The Nightmare of Being"
2.07:  Defocus "In the Eye of Death We Are All the Same"
2.07:  Mondo Generator "Live at Bronson"
2.07:  Uranus Space Club "Another Planet, Another Love"

3.07:  Free Air "The Octaves of Mine"

5.07:  Dola "Czasy"

9.07:  L.A. Guns "Cocked and Loaded Live"
9.07:  Powerwolf "Call of the Wild"

16.07:  Cognitive "Malevolent Thoughts of a Hastened Extinction"
16.07:  Nothing Sacred "No Gods"
16.07:  Paradise Lost "At the Mill"
16.07:  Resurrection Kings "Skygazer"
16.07:  Vouna "Antropos"
16.07:  Wizardthrone "Hypercube Necrodimensions"

17.07:  Vulvodynia "Praenuntius Infiniti"

23.07:  Erdve "Savigaila"
23.07:  Ghorot "Loss of Light"
23.07:  Rebellion "We Are the People"

26.07:  Grieving "Songs for the Weary"

30.07:  Dimman "Songs and Tales of Grievance"
30.07:  Swallow the Sun "20 Years of Gloom, Beauty and Despair: Live in Helsinki"

sierpień 2021:

6.08:  Spektra "Overload"

13.08:  Destruction "Live Attack"

20.08:  Brainstorm "Wall of Skulls"
20.08:  KK's Priest "Sermons of the Sinner"
20.08:  Oceanhoarse "Dead Reckoning"
20.08:  Wolves In The Throne Room "Primordial Arcana"

21.08:  Beastlurker "Celestial Henchwhores Aflame"
21.08:  Wrath Division "Barbed Wire Veins"

27.08:  Ex Deo "The Thirteen Years of Nero"
27.08:  Jinjer "Wallflowers"
27.08:  Leprous "Aphelion"
27.08:  The Slow Death "Siege"
27.08:  Thyrfing "Vanagandr"
27.08:  Venues "Solace"
27.08:  White Stones "Dancing into Oblivion"
27.08:  Wormwitch "Wolf Hex"

wrzesień 2021:

3.09:  Beyond Grace "Our Kingdom Undone"
3.09:  Manic Street Preachers "The Ultra Vivid Lament"

10.09:  Daily Insanity "Chronicles of War"
10.09:  Steve Hackett "Surrender of Silence"
10.09:  Anette Olzon "Strong"
10.09:  Replicant "Malignant Reality"

17.09:  Alien Weaponry "Tangaroa"
17.09:  Carcass "Torn Arteries"
17.09:  Ghostheart Nebula "Ascension"
17.09:  Kadabra "Ultra"

24.09:  Forgetting the Memories "Vemod"
24.09:  Paradox "Heresy II - End of a Legend"

październik 2021:

1.10:  Kryptos "Force of Danger"

8.10:  Dust Mountain "Hymns for Wilderness"

15.10:  The Darkness "Motorheart"
15.10:  The Stone Eye "South of the Sun"

listopad 2021:

19.11:  Obscura "A Valediction"

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